Hi. My name is John Henry.

My full name is John Henry Müller. But you can call me John, John Henry, JH, Jilly, or anything else that feels right to you.

I make things that make people happy.

Over the years, people have called me a graphic designer, web designer, art directer, creative directer, UX designer, UI designer, product designer, design cofounder, and design director. I’ve worked with hobbyists, startups, scaling companies, and Fortune 500s. I’ve worked on brands, websites, apps, and design systems. To me, it’s all the same. It’s understanding the problem and finding a creative way to solve it.

I’m currently the director of brand at PetFriendly – where we strive to keep pets healthy and make thier humans happy.

Before PetFriendly, I was an independent designer helping clients with brand/product strategy, experience design, and visual design.

Before going out on my own, I was a design director at Hudl. I looked after the visual aspects of both product and brand. I established the design language for Uniform, Hudl’s design system. I also oversaw the visual evolution of the Hudl brand.

Before Hudl, I cofounded a startup called Pack. Pack is for people who love dogs. Creating a product that people loved to love with an amazing team was an absolute joy.

Before Pack, I founded a digital design and development shop called What Cheer. Clients included startups, growing tech companies, and friends. We’ve also created a few of our own things including Pep Rally, Hot or Cold, Bumble Phone, Selective Perspective Detective Objective, and I live in Omaha.

Before founding What Cheer, I worked as an art director in advertising. Before that, I worked as a lifeguard in swimming trunks.

Sometimes people say nice things about me. Andrew Hyde called me his “design power animal.” Jeffrey Zeldman once consoled my lack of rhythm with “Anyone with that much design talent has to have at least some musical talent too.” Megan Casey said “It’s like Christmas every time I get to see new designs from John Henry. He is the most creative person I’ve ever worked with, bar none.” People are nice.

I was born and raised in the midwest. After a brief stint in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m back home in Benson, Omaha, Nebraska with Mrs. Benson Muller and my four daughters.

You might recognize my face from the Internet. You can find other digital representations of me on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dribbble, and LinkedIn.

I like people. Say hi.

John Henry Müller