Oh hey!

Oh hey! My name is John Henry Müller.
I make things that make people happy.

John Henry is my design power animal.
—Andrew Hyde
Andrew Hyde
Founder of Startup Weekend + Startup Week

From 2016 to 2019 I directed design at Hudl. I looked after both product and brand.

I established the design language behind Uniform, Hudl’s design system.


I provided direction for the evolution of visual brand.

Anyone with that much design talent has to have at least some musical talent too.
—Jeffrey Zeldman
Jeffrey Zeldman
Founder of A List Apart + An Event Apart

In 2013, I cofounded a startup called Pack.

Pack is for people who love dogs. Creating a product that people loved to love with an amazing team was an absolute joy.

Updating the homepage was one of the most rewarding projects I worked on while at Pack.

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It’s like Christmas every time I get to see new designs from John Henry. He is the most creative person I’ve ever worked with, bar none.
—Megan Casey
Megan Casey Ahern
Founder of Pack + Cofounder of Squidoo

From 2006 to 2013, I ran a digital design and dev shop called What Cheer.

We worked with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. We also found time to create a number of side projects.


I’m most valuable on projects that have an overlap of product/brand strategy, experience design, and visual design.

Product/Brand Strategy + experience Design + Visual Design Venn Diagram
  • Product/Brand Strategy

    What? Who? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? How? I’ll help you ask the right questions.

  • Experience Design

    Let’s wear someone else’s shoes for a while and make them as comfortable as possible.

  • Visual Design

    Using only colors, shapes, typography, and photographs … VOILA! Real human emotions!

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of great people.

I’ve worked with fancy brands, have won fancy awards and my work has been featured in fancy places. This fanciness makes my mom proud.

I enjoy meeting new people and figuring out how I can help them. Maybe you need help with something, too?

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He was such a good baby.
—Judy Muller
Judy Muller
My Mom

Of course, you can always email, call, or text me.

I’m on the internet!